Fool me once, strike one. Fool me twice... Strike... 3
What things do you personally always have with you while touring / traveling?
Huh, I hadn't thought of that. But yeah, that makes a lot of sense. By the way, have you read The Things?
You're not having it right now! :D
Subreddit of peace.
And at some point fall in love
It appears that the bitterness runs strong in this family.
So can you have sex or jack off again at all?
Some of the newer reactor designs make more sense. They use 99% of the nuclear material (instead of 1%) which basically translates into 100x less nuclear waste. I would be included to stick with fewer larger facilities and make use of the existing distribution networks until we really have the technology nailed (which takes 3 or 4 generations).
How come she was only one who know Thomas I know a Thomas
Is it being directed by Tim Burton and scored by Danny Elfman? No, so who cares : P Just watch Batman Returns again, you'll love it. That opening sequence, cinema history.
It's sometimes hilarious when the characters are constantly surprised by obvious/not that scary stuff. I am a shitty horror movie connoisseur, though.
It was such an experience listening to the new album. I think it partially was because I'm so invested in you guys but also because it's literally a work of art. I respect and admire you guys so much for thinking outside the box and not giving a crap about genres. The flow of the album is so great but at the same time, each song is it's own individual. Every time I listen to the album I catch new things I didn't notice before. It has so many layers.
I was wondering...

What song took longest to make and produce?

What song means the most to you?

Are most of the songs from personal experiences?
Nice thing about Krav Maga is there's a cardio portion of every class too. I trained at the school in LA with the guy who opened the chain.
I once stumbled upon a Facebook conversation years old and in the conversation I sent a link that said "hey I think you'll like this, it reminded me of you!" There was no furthers information in the next few lines of text. So I clicked the link and accidentally rickrolled myself.
Strongly recommend the novelisation of the film. It includes some deleted scenes and adds flavor.
I actually found Karen to be a lot more likeable than Pam.
Thanks for all of the replies. Will continue just trying to work at it. No idea where it came from either. As I enjoy flying, get a little shaky on balconies but at working heights for my old and new job I just get really shaken up and it's something I would like to overcome
Zuko. Book 4 avatar last air bender.
Trump and Hillary
Like, have people told you you look creepy or was it a result of your actions?
You just described me to a T, except in 20.... Oh and not the career part that's easy
i dont know, i thought you were asking how to determine for yourself if the porn you were viewing was appropriate. also if youre speaking legal its more likely for the person who uploaded the video to face punishment than the people who watch it
So true! Frankly, I often wonder how people who can't program ever solve any problems at all.
Hi Dan! I am bringing my mom to see your show this Wednesday in Toronto, she was born in south africa like your parents and loves you guys. Is there any way we can meet the band?
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So also, for the lay people, N5355W would be pronounced according to the native phonetic alphabet and would go November five tree five five whisky. I think a source of confusion for some listening to ATC is that some things that seen second nature to us pilots, sound like complete jibberish when in reality it is just a string of letters that identifies an airport or an airplane.
Make her open the box

And that's the way you do it!
Lol Wayne Rooney fans said this about him a few days ago
Word of warning, watch it with subtitles or risk not understanding a single word.
I hope someone murders this cunt
Everyone is asking these brilliant questions and I just want to ask - do you prefer Christmas or Halloween? (Kinda sad I couldn't make it to the Oct 31 show tbh but November 2nd will do )
The more I listen to The Book of Souls I love it more and more.
Not sure it was meant as a compliment.

A post must be a data visualization.

This post has been removed.
To me it's the fact they lift their finger and smack the mouse hard with their finger everytime they are gonna click on something..
Well, going by memory (This was over five years ago) we had Chaucers and Bunratty, which are pretty widely available -I've seen them at places like Bevmo and Cost Plus. We also had selections from Honeyrun in Chico and Honeywood in Oregon. One was called Ragnar's Reserve dry mead. There was also an elderberry honey wine. It was a big hit, but we only did it for one year because it was too difficult to source all the different meads. The Cash n Carry where we bought all our beer kegs and liquor only carried Chaucers, so we were buying the others at retail cost from a specialty shop in Palm Springs. (One of the ale staff lived there, so she would pick up the order on the drive in.) The following season, the owner of the festival didn't want to bother with it again. I think we just stuck with Chaucers after that.

Just an FYI, the Honeywood Mead was almost always chosen as the favorite by people who bought the sampler.
I really enjoy going out by myself - especially for museums and exhibitions, it really allows me to focus on it and go at my own pace.

And since you seem to be wanting a gf - I appreciate a guy who is happy in his own company. It shows he's confident and independent. (and isn't going to be clingy) who knows, you may meet someone there
20th Century Fox should give the film rights back to Marvel or make a deal with Marvel in the same manner Sony did in regards to the upcoming Spider-Man reboot that is due next summer.
I like you.
Are you sure it wasnt the clowns at the capital?
When you're the one dying, you tend to have a better idea of the truth than the guy in a comfy chair sitting in a meeting.
Yeah i can see that. Some companies do that consistently.
I'm really curious, did you know all that off the top of your head or did you have to do some googling?
It also has the best use of 3D I've ever seen during the final tunnel scene. The way it throbs and pulsates towards and away the viewer looked incredible in the thater.
Measles and Mumps
Damn, that's awful
Must have forgotten to put on the parking brake.
But a forced baby for someone who doesn't want it is a punishment. How could it not be? That's the logical conclusion. Forcing someone to be pregnant and have a child agaisnt their will is not a good experience for them. It will honestly be horrible. Thats why women throw themselves down the stairs to try to kill themselves when they have unwanted pregnancies and can't abort. They're desperate.

I wouldn't feel anything if I wasn't alive. I wouldn't be. There would be nothing to feel. Its a stupid question.

No way in hell am I reading scriptures haha but thanks for the concern. Religion has done enough to my family thank you.
Because Trump supporters can't string together a coherent sentence.
You must've never seen Appaloosa, Harris is the perfect wild west cowboy/lawman/frontier type.
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