When should I talk to my doctor about diarrhea?: Siamak Tabib, M.D. (Gastroenterologist, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA)
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Julie discusses the plusses AND minuses of using twitter to discuss your relationship and its problems.

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For our 100th episode of CineFix Movie Lists we decided to take a look back at ALL the movies we've EVER talked about. We counted how many times we picked each movie, even how many times we mentioned them and came up with the 100 movies we've talked about the most. And frankly... we thought 'The Third Man' would be higher!

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Stanley Kubrick's comedy masterpiece 'Dr. Strangelove' was based on a very not funny book!

Did Jim Carrey star in a remake of WWE legend Rowdy Roddy Piper's sci fi classic 'They Live'? That's kinda what The Truman Show is.

Brad Pitt, Jesse James and more Brilliant Moments in Camera Movement
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Today we discuss two movies I've seen over the summer (Jurradic World and Terminator Genesis) and what I thought about them. This is my Summer movie talk.

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Have you ever broken down the song "My Girl" and said the lyrics to your first date? Steve Harvey says it just might work! SUBSCRIBE to get the latest from #STEVETVShow: Connect with STEVE
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Depression is a very serious issue and Allie tackles that topic this week on a more serious episode of Allie's World. It is something that we can discuss openly and honestly.

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Panel talk on Violence Against Women
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Lil Durk can be credited with helping shine a spotlight on the senseless violence afflicting his hometown of Chicago.
Durk told HipHopDX during a phone interview that the mainstream media should focus more on the violence in Chicago.
“There’s a lot of homicides,” Durk said. “A lot going on that people don’t talk about. I can’t pinpoint, but a lot of things that’s going on that I can’t see anything being spoken about.”
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