Have you ever noticed ugly gray bars surrounding your screen? How about a dark or blurry picture? It turns out movie theaters aren't doing enough to ensure that their audience is seeing a movie the way it is meant to be seen. The big chains have little quality control over things like screen masking and projector brightness and it has been hurting moviegoers for years. Why bother with a subpar theater experience when you can buy a 4K HDR movie to watch at home? We talked with two projection experts to help us understand what is going on inside the booth.
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Vivien Cheng small Business owner spoke to ABC NEWS Michael Rowlands about living in Burwood running a dumpling business. The suburb of Burwood is n the marginal electorate of Reid. One to watch in the upcoming Federal Election.
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The pandemic prompted a number of Filipinos trying their luck in setting up businesses for additional income.
Despite the challenges, several small and medium enterprises still thrive and survive.

To share with us useful advice for aspiring Entrepreneurs is Francis Kong.

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The latest info on this Netflix movie.
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Top 10 Amazing Drive-In Movie Theaters in the US
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Gabriel iglesias 2015,aloha Fluffy,Fluffy Comedy,Stand Up Comedy
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A Hamilton movie with the original Broadway cast? That would be enough.
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