Brown people at the movie theaters by ZaidAliT
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Top 5 Best Movie Theaters In The World

Despite the advent of home theater system with surround sound that you can install in your living room, there is still no substitute for the movie theater experience. Watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster in a full movie house packed with people you do not know brings about a different level of excitement.

This experience can be enhanced further if you see a movie in a great cinema. It can make even the most boring movies tolerable. Movies like Ishtar and Gigli can be seen until the end if you are in a nice theater.
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The state of Connecticut is considering passing a bill that would limit the volume of movies that are playing in the theater.

The state of Connecticut is considering passing a bill that would limit the volume of movies that are playing in the theater.

If the bill passes, they would become the first state to regulate how loud movies can be played, setting the limit at 85 decibels.

Vans Stevenson, senior vice president with the Motion Picture Association of America is quoted as saying: “We already have voluntary standards in place at the direction of the National Association of Theater Owners and groups involved in sound technology. Those standards were set for the comfort and safety of patrons and we think further legislation is unnecessary.”

The safe level of noise in the work place as recommended by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health is at or below 85 decibels, and Stevenson says that movies or previews usually only exceed that volume during a few moments for dramatic effect in scenes that have gunshots or explosions.

But the activists who came up with the idea to regulate the volume of movies say that the average decibels during movies or previews can reach up to 110 decibels for a sustained amount of time, which they believe could be harmful to people‘s hearing.
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The sinaloa cartel is enlisting unemployed americans to move drugs over the border with mexico. vice news speaks with cartel ...
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Veuer’s Elizabeth Keatinge tells us about the future of movie theaters.
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bande annonce version original Twilight
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