DailyMotion Video Search API

If you are using Camideo Video Search API to search video and song from DailyMotion, then can add all the filters supported by DailyMotion to narrow down your search. You will be getting a uniform JSON response from us.
You can easily make calls to our DailyMotion Video Search API by simply calling this url:

					http://api.camideo.com/?key=<API KEY>
However, this is a generic call and not using any search filter. For more information on how to get the key and generic call input parameters and uniform JSON response please read our Camideo Video Search API documentation.
Below table describes the additional DailyMotion search filters we accept:



Accepted Values

channel The short channel name of the video. short channel name
filters A list comma-separated values of filters available to reduce the result set. featured, hd, official, creative, creative-official, buzz, buzz-premium, 3d, live
ids Limit the result to a specified list of video ids comma-separated values of ids
language The language of the video (declarative). English, Portuguese, etc.
owner The id of the owner of the video user id
sort Change result ordering recent, visited, visited-hour, visited-today, visited-week, visited-month, commented, commented-hour, commented-today, commented-week, commented-month, rated, rated-hour, rated-today, rated-week, rated-month, relevance, random, ranking
tags The list of tags for the video. comma-separated values of tags
page The page number to load Numeric value
limit Maximum number of items to return Numeric value between 1 to 100
So a fully filtered call may look like this

					http://api.camideo.com/?key=<API KEY>