MySpace Video Search API

If you are using Camideo Video Search API to search video and song from MySpace, then can add all the filters supported by MySpace to narrow down your search. You will be getting a uniform JSON response from us.
You can easily make calls to our MySpace Video Search API by simply calling this url:<API KEY>
However, this is a generic call and not using any search filter. For more information on how to get the key and generic call input parameters and uniform JSON response please read our Camideo Video Search API documentation.
Below table describes the additional MySpace search filters we accept:



Accepted Values

videoMode Search for specific video types 1 (music videos) or 2 (official)
count Number of search results Numeric value between 1 to 50
culture The culture context of the search. Default is en-us. Language codes
startPage Which page to start at for the results Numeric value
tag Determine if searching on tags, as opposed to contents. To enable tag search, set to 1. 0 or 1
So a fully filtered call may look like this<API KEY>