One of our country's premier cultural and social critics, bell hooks has always maintained that eradicating racism and eradicating sexism must go hand in hand. But whereas many women have been recognized for their writing on gender politics, the female voice has been all but locked out of the public discourse on race.Killing Rage speaks to this imbalance. These twenty-three essays are written from a black and feminist perspective, and they tackle the bitter difficulties of racism by envisioning a world without it. They address a spectrum of topics having to do with race and racism in the United States: psychological trauma among African Americans; friendship between black women and white women; anti-Semitism and racism; and internalized racism in movies and the media. And in the title essay, hooks writes about the "killing rage"?the fierce anger of black people stung by repeated instances of everyday racism?finding in that rage a healing source of love and strength and a catalyst for positive change.bell hooks is Distinguished Professor of English at City College of New York. She is the author of the memoir Bone Black as well as eleven other books. She lives in New York City.
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Under The Skin with Russell Brand | #136 Revolution Is Possible! (with Prof. Kehinde Andrews)
This week we have returning guest Prof. Kehinde Andrews.

Kehinde is an academic, activist and author. He is the Professor of Black Studies at Birmingham City University; the Director of the Centre for Critical Social Research; founder of the Organisation of Black Unity; and co-chair of the Black Studies Association.

This podcast digs deep into the core, historical and economical reasons behind racism not just in America but globally. Kehinde explains the route to real change and what needs to happen in order for a global revolution to take place. What do we have to sacrifice to make this happen? And are we willing to go through with it?

His books include Back to Black: Retelling Black Radicalism for the 21st Century and Resisting Racism: Race, Inequality and the Black Supplementary School Movement.
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Your skin
Sheep’s or wolves’

Your shelter
The eagles’ or crows’

Means nothing but useless
I am an Arian but anti-Arian
When it means racism and color
They’re worthless; meaningless

Be the wind
Ride the wave
(On the lakes, on the seas)
Move clouds in skies
Kiss the leaves on trees
And the sands in deserts
Watch camels, caravans

Open eyes to Andes
Africa, Asia
And the past; history

Live with youth and the old
In power and detained
Scholars and deprived

Now, maybe we can talk

Open mind, open heart, open eye


Nassy Fesharaki
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I thought of her one day

Walking in the woods

Between the sun and shade.

My wild child,

My Celtic beauty,

Beautiful and strong,

Her blonde hair

Flying in the wind.

With a smile on her

Face and mine,

We raced through

The small streets

On roaring steel,


Without care.

I smiled as the wind

Ruffled through my hair

And wondered


My wild child

Had gone.

James Jarrett
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If we really want to make a massive change,
There are some things we need to rearrange.

If we want the problems to actually stop,
We must do a clean sweep, bottom to top.

Start at grass roots, show them whats right,
It dosnt matter if your black or your white.

There should be no problem with religion or creed,
Racism in football, there really is no need.

At the highest level, deal with it severly,
So they understand, it will cost them dearly.

Too many people get away with an excuse,
For what we all know is actual abuse.

Your skin dosnt make you less of a man,
Anyone who thinks so deserves their ban.

They dont deserve to be on a pitch,
No matter if they are poor or rich.

We need to teach youngsters what the game is about,
Its what you do with the ball, not what you shout.

You beat a man with a passage of play,
You dont beat him down with the words you say.

A player aint defined by the colour of his hair,
He's defined by his strength, his power, his flair.

Until we get on top of this, face the facts,
Then were gonna have problems and people will react.

So as a unit we must no longer endure,
Stop making and excuses and accept it no more.

Together as one we must stand and shout,
This is all of our game, Kick Racism Out

Johnny Eardley
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Conservation advocates are sick of all the silt. They’re calling on the Bureau of Land Management to fix the dam problem. Conservation activists are urging the agency to address issues with a historic dam that is burying petroglyphs in the Arrow Canyon Wilderness. “If we don’t do something now, all of that stuff you saw in the wash will be gone,” Terri Robertson said. “You don’t know how many archaeological sites are buried under that silt,” Elaine Holmes said.
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Kevin Andrews the Australian Minister for Immigration says African refugees don't adjust to life in this Land
That Australian ways and culture they do not understand
His excuse for accepting less of African refugees
Seems nothing but latent racism of varying degrees.

He says African refugees are not well educated I only quote what he say
His remarks smack of racism in a very latent way
Kevin Andrews will never be seen as a great
He's not the type of person we should celebrate.

With words he is clever as most politicians are
He just says so much without taking it too far
Just to appease the racist voters amongst the voters out there
And racists as we well know have never been rare.

The accusation that he is a racist of course Kevin denies
Though his feelings on the matter he can barely disguise
And though many with what he says may well agree
It does sound like latent racism to me.

Francis Duggan
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GONE WITH THE WIND (PlayStation 3)

When Raiden arrives at the top floor of the building, he encounters Mistral’s and Monsoon’s body double before heading to the server room.

He encounters Sundowner again and does battle with him after he reveal that an event worser than 9/11 is going to happen in 3 hours.
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Boston Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester has gone on the offensive. He is addressing charges that he, Josh Beckett and Jon Lester were in the clubhouse during games drinking beer. As Len Berman reports, Lester claims it had nothing to do with the Red Sox September collapse.
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The light put out
The guidance gone
It feels like this darkness will never give way to dawn
Father lays in his eternal sleep
While his millions and millions of children weep
Through this dark night
His principles gave light
Never lie and never fight;
With these ideals independence he won
Without raising a fist, without pointing a gun
He spoke against racism in S.A
All men are brothers
together at the table of brotherhood as King would say
Gandhi fought for equality
He fought for freedom
Our father is now dead
The light is gone
And although we will forever need him
This black night slowly gives way to dawn

Presil Roshan
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