Under The Skin with Russell Brand | #136 Revolution Is Possible! (with Prof. Kehinde Andrews)
This week we have returning guest Prof. Kehinde Andrews.

Kehinde is an academic, activist and author. He is the Professor of Black Studies at Birmingham City University; the Director of the Centre for Critical Social Research; founder of the Organisation of Black Unity; and co-chair of the Black Studies Association.

This podcast digs deep into the core, historical and economical reasons behind racism not just in America but globally. Kehinde explains the route to real change and what needs to happen in order for a global revolution to take place. What do we have to sacrifice to make this happen? And are we willing to go through with it?

His books include Back to Black: Retelling Black Radicalism for the 21st Century and Resisting Racism: Race, Inequality and the Black Supplementary School Movement.
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The classic work on American racism and the struggle for racial justice, now with a new foreword by Michelle AlexanderIn Faces at the Bottom of the Well, civil rights activist and legal scholar Derrick Bell uses allegory and historical example to argue that racism is an integral and permanent part of American society. African American struggles for equality are doomed to fail so long as the majority of whites do not see their own well-being threatened by the status quo. Bell calls on African Americans to face up to this unhappy truth and abandon a misplaced faith in inevitable progress. Only then will blacks, and those whites who join with them, be in a position to create viable strategies to alleviate the burdens of racism. "Freed of the stifling rigidity of relying unthinkingly on the slogan 'we shall overcome,'" he writes, "we are impelled both to live each day more fully and to examine critically the actual effectiveness of traditional civil rights remedies."With a new foreword by Michelle Alexander, Faces at the Bottom of the Well is urgent and essential reading on the problem of racism in America.
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In this powerful and timely personal essay, best-selling author Otegha Uwagba reflects on racism, whiteness, and the mental labour required of Black people to navigate the two.Presented as a record of Uwagba?s observations on this era-defining moment in history ? that is, George Floyd?s brutal murder and the subsequent protests and scrutiny of institutional racism ? Whites explores the colossal burden of whiteness, as told by someone who is in her own words, ?a reluctant expert?.What is it like to endure both racism and white efforts at anti-racism, sometimes from the very same people? How do Black people navigate the gap between what they know to be true, and the version of events that white society can bring itself to tolerate? What does true allyship actually look like ? and is it even possible?Addressing complex interracial dynamics and longstanding tensions with characteristically unflinching honesty, Uwagba deftly interrogates the status quo, and in doing so provides an intimate and deeply compelling portrayal of an unavoidable facet of the Black experience.?An important, timely personal essay? OBSERVER BEST BOOKS OF 2020 ?Not taking any bullshit?sharp and stylish?brutal? GUARDIAN BOOK OF THE YEAR
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Stepanian Band Musick from Boston USA!

California's Gone
Words & Music by Eric Stepanian

We drove this car out from Boston
And made a stop in each state
You said we had to take something
In case something changed

Out here the stars fill the sidewalks
The city's name is high in the hill
The fancy cars and the silver screens
Where all your dreams fulfill

California's gone
Gone, gone, gone
Out my window
Out to sea

And every town has a vision
Or just a room with a view
A simple plan to get out of this place
And say it's all for you

But now the winds have been changing
Who I am is lost in between
So I've been thinking of leaving
And making my way back east
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One of our country's premier cultural and social critics, bell hooks has always maintained that eradicating racism and eradicating sexism must go hand in hand. But whereas many women have been recognized for their writing on gender politics, the female voice has been all but locked out of the public discourse on race.Killing Rage speaks to this imbalance. These twenty-three essays are written from a black and feminist perspective, and they tackle the bitter difficulties of racism by envisioning a world without it. They address a spectrum of topics having to do with race and racism in the United States: psychological trauma among African Americans; friendship between black women and white women; anti-Semitism and racism; and internalized racism in movies and the media. And in the title essay, hooks writes about the "killing rage"?the fierce anger of black people stung by repeated instances of everyday racism?finding in that rage a healing source of love and strength and a catalyst for positive change.bell hooks is Distinguished Professor of English at City College of New York. She is the author of the memoir Bone Black as well as eleven other books. She lives in New York City.
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Conservation advocates are sick of all the silt. They’re calling on the Bureau of Land Management to fix the dam problem. Conservation activists are urging the agency to address issues with a historic dam that is burying petroglyphs in the Arrow Canyon Wilderness. “If we don’t do something now, all of that stuff you saw in the wash will be gone,” Terri Robertson said. “You don’t know how many archaeological sites are buried under that silt,” Elaine Holmes said.
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Boston Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester has gone on the offensive. He is addressing charges that he, Josh Beckett and Jon Lester were in the clubhouse during games drinking beer. As Len Berman reports, Lester claims it had nothing to do with the Red Sox September collapse.
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Circumnavigate Skaha Lake Aug26th2012

Iron-Man Sunday Penticton, BC, Canada

We started off at about 9:00am, paddling to the N/W corner of Skaha Lake then put up our sails on our kayaks then sailed with the North wind to the Soda Springs where we found a cold waterfall with Tufa rock deposits then to Okanagan Falls then after a break for lunch we paddled across to the South East corner of the lake with the wind still blowing from the North against us, mainly following the shoreline up the East side of the lake. The head wind blew all the way as we continued up the shoreline. Ducking into the odd bay to cut down on the head wind. A 6 hour paddle time round trip. Returning to where we put in at about 4:30pm. Was a hard paddle at times. Was entertaining watching the IronMan runners and bikes go by along the East side of the lake as we returned.
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Anurag Kashyap who is in Kashi for his next Bollywood film is seen doing yoga in video. This video has gone Viral and we wonder with whom the director is doing yoga and why. Watch video to know more.
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In an urgent, deeply personal, riveting plea, Lemon shows us all how deep our problems lie, and what we can do to begin to fix them. Beginning with a letter to one of his Black nephews, he proceeds with reporting and reflections on his slave ancestors, his upbringing in the shadows of segregation, and his adult confrontations with politicians, activists, and scholars. In doing so, Lemon offers a searing and poetic ultimatum to America. He visits the slave port where a direct ancestor was shackled and shipped to America. He recalls a slave uprising in Louisiana, just a few miles from his birthplace. And he takes us to the heart of the 2020 protests in New York City. As he writes to his young nephew: We must resist racism every single day. We must resist it with love.
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